Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Morning Storytime Starts on tomorrow--1/19

Winter Storytime, designed for children 2 ½ and older, begins on January 12 at 10:00. Bedtime Storytime, for kids 2—5, begins on February 1st at 5:45. Both programs are walk -in, so no registration is necessary.
Did you know that bringing your children to Storytime will make them better readers when they start school?
Storytime programs introduce and reinforce critical components of early literacy:

· Phonemic Awareness
§ Ability to hear sounds in our spoken language
· Letter/Sound Knowledge
§ Identifies & names all upper and lower case letters
Matches sounds with letters orally
· Print Awareness/Appreciation
§ Understands print has meaning
§ Understands concepts of letter, word, sentence, page, directionality, etc.
· Listening Comprehension
§ Use prior knowledge to construct understanding while listening/reading
§ Responds to text at multiple levels (factual, inferential, applicative)
· Oral Language
§ Communicates ideas through speech with age appropriate vocabulary, syntax, and function.
· Enjoyment

Our weekly programs are warm and nurturing for preschoolers. They grow in their ability to thrive in a small group setting, where they are sharing time and attention with others. They learn through listening, active participation in movement activities and by sharing their thoughts with others. They are inspired by some of the most talented people on the planet: children’s book authors and illustrators!

Give you child a priceless gift of learning. Join us at Storytime this winter!